2010. 12. 24.

Happy Holiday ~ Merry Christmas and Happy New Year~

I wish every people in the world couble be happy ~

Happy Holiday.

The each God who each people belive bless  them ~~

2010. 11. 28.

Korea Cafe Show 2010


Cafe show 2010 in Korea.

Various coffees and machines

2010. 11. 23.

Google Sketch Up

Sketch Up is  a simple 3d drawing tool. But it is very easy to use and you can make 3d models quickly.
Below is a sample which I drawed myself by this tool.

2010. 7. 27.

box draw ...test

image up test..

호박식당... 파절이가 맛나다는...


구글 블로거에 블로그 오픈.

구글 블로거에 새롭게 세팅을 하고... 블로그를 열었습니다..
주제도 정하고, 일정도 정해서 실속있게 올려 보겠습니다.

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