2013. 8. 22.

Create exe from python script. ( py2exe)

1) install py2exe

    url: www.py2exe.org
    you must check your python version(2.*/ 3.*) and window os bit (32/64).
    although your os is 64bit, if you installed 32bit pythone, you need to select  32bit version.  

2) make setup.py
    i: simple case
     from distutils.core import setup
     import py2exe
     setup(console=['yourapp.py'])  # very simple !!

 3) run setup.
    setup.py py2exe

  4) check directory dist, you can find yourapp.exe ~

** summary ***
   0) install py2exe
   1) prepare your python script
   2) make setup.py
   3) python setup.py py2exe
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