2012. 8. 11.

How to get list sheetlist from excel file.

' It's not difficult but useful.  Especially when there are many sheets in a excel file.

Sub GetAllList()

Dim all As Sheets

Set all = Application.ActiveWorkbook.Sheets

countOfSheets = all.Count   ' count of sheet

For i = 1 To countOfSheets
    ' sheet1 must be added already. 
    ' insert sheet name into row
    Application.Sheets.Item("Sheet1").Cells(i, 1) = all.Item(i).Name
Next i

End Sub

2012. 5. 7.

notice ~ node.js installed in Ubuntu


While I was in problem in installing node.js in Ubuntu. I found above article.

Key point is "

DO NOT RUN sudo apt-get install node

node is not node.js.  node (in ubuntu) is different packages..

Thanks guys.

Above document is right and wrong.

I found below in nodejs.org  . It works.

sudo apt-get install python-software-properties
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:chris-lea/node.js
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install nodejs npm

-- Finally  Not worked...    
The problem is the version dependency 

2012. 4. 26.

GoogleDrive launched...

Google launched 'Googledrive'  at last.
It has already many base infrastructures.  I expect that  it will become a new major cloud drive service soon.  Especially the integration of legacy is a very strong feature.

http://drive.google.com ...

I 'v researched some drive services for a while.   I have new one to research. ;)

2012. 4. 22.

python graph, chart library

matplotlib  :
graph library for python  : many kinds of graph , full examples.

numpy :
numeric library for python

2012. 3. 18.

erlang compile with other module.

If you make your own modules.  You want to use them.
You can use 'import' command as you expected.

-import(modulename, function_name).

but sometimes you will meet  'some errors'.

If your code is as below.

 -import(mod1, [get/1]).

When you compile, you will meet error

 import directive overrides pre R14 auto-imported BIF get/1
 - use "-compile({no_auto_import,[get/1]})." to resolve name clash 

Yes, you muse add  line 

 -import(mod1, [get/1]).

2012. 3. 12.

simple compile erlang

I read that  I must use 'c' to compile in erlang. but I met error 'write error'.
I  am googling and then  I know that I must change directory with 'cd' command.
It is simple. but before I found it  It was stress to statr to learn the erlang.

c("modulefilename").   % sometimes you will meet error ' writing error'

%% method 1: you need to change working directory.

cd("pathname"). %%  which includes module file

%% method 2  

c("modulename", [{outdir, "output directory .."}]).  %% you can assign output directory option  by {outdir, "..."} .

2012. 2. 22.

install python into user home

mkdir /home/iam/.targetdir
cd Python-2.7
make clean
./configure --prefix=/home/iam/.targetdir
make install

You must change first line.

2012. 2. 16.

How to install google_api_lib when you have no root right.

How to  install google_api_lib when you have no root right.

python ./setup.py install --home=~

This command install lib in your home directory

==> ~lib/python

2012. 1. 16.

extract list from XML (xmldom) in python

data ="

from xml.dom.minidom import parse, parseString

#data is xml formatted string 

dom3 = parseString( data )   #make dom object
tagList = dom3.getElementsByTagName("tag1")  #select list "tag1"

txt = tagList[0].firstChild.nodeValue  #first node->txtNode->nodeValue
print txt


How to clear console in python

# # Screen clear 
# You can use it when you make  a console type.

import os
if os.name == "posix":
   os.system('clear')   # not MS-series
elif os.name in ("nt", "dos", "ce"):
   os.system('CLS')   #  MS-series --> DOS/Windows

2012. 1. 13.

python formating datetime

from datetime import datetime
dt = datetime.now()
print dt.strftime("%Y.%m.%d %H.%M.%S")

#  output #
2012.01.13 00.03.01

2012. 1. 8.

python decode string.

json.loads(data)  #when you meet some charset errors