2017. 4. 26.

bash cat multiple files contents in to single line without newlines

cat filename | tr "\n" "" > new_filename
echo "append line " >> new_filename

** by this command -->  tr "\n" ""
    It can remove newline. 

2017. 4. 9.

현미경으로 본 벚꽃 (microscope: cherry blossoms,pistil,pollen)- 显微镜

벚꽃잎 암술 (cherry flower pistil)

벚꽃잎 (cherryblossoms)


꽃가루 - crop image: pollen)


수술 확대( stamen crop image)

microscope: Olympus CH,   ( with iphone 5s) 

2017. 4. 3.

Making anaconda python3 environment

# check installed module ;체크 인스톨 모듈
conda search python

# check environment ;환경확인
conda info --envs

#If env which you want exists, 
    linux$ source activate {envname}
    window$> activate {envname}

#cehck version :버전확인
   python --version

#없으면 생성 
  conda create --name py3. python=3