2022. 10. 16.

migration evernote to notion ( by python program :enex2notion)

I 've been used  evernote for a long time. but  I changed to notion recently. 

I tried to export data from  evernote to notion. The guide which is proposed by notion team is not good.  But I found 'enex2notion' tool  by googling. It it very effective for me although  some installation step is not simple for me.

I shared it for another users.  

My pc is mac. 

ref: https://github.com/vzhd1701/enex2notion


1. install enex2notion
  -  you can refer on above ref site. Don't give it up , this app is compensate for your install try.

2. export notebooks from evernote app.

2.5  get  auth_v2 key from your browser
  -  open notion with web browser and login 
  -  find cookie ( token_v2)  in browser. You need  token to upload to notion 

3 run enex2notion with notebook file (*.enex)
 - program will upload  pages one by one  ( Upload speed is not fast.)
 - some pages are fail to uploading. ( You must copy these pages by manual )
 - You can check progress on your notion app.

 enex2notion --token <TOKEN from 2.5 step> "mynotebook.enex"  ## do not include letter "<", ">"
4. Check pages which are uploaded.