2013. 11. 1.

How to use CX_oracle module at Pyhon in Windows64

Four components to use oracle module in pythone of window.

1) python
2) oracle module
3) windows.
4) oracle Driver (Oracle clients)

You will meet errors on using oracle module at  python2.7, if you run it in windows64 because of some reason.

You must consider something...

Follow below step

1) install python 2.7.x  32bit
2) install oracle module  32bit
3) install oracle driver 32bit
    - At this step  I had troubles.  Becuase I 've installed 64bit oracle drivers for other programs.
   - You don't need to uninstall it but you must change environment variables.
   - ORACLE_HOME  : change to 32bit oracle client root
   - PATH : change to 32bit oracle client root . You must changed both of them.

4) window os 32 bit or 64 bit  , anything is OK.

I wish You could run it.

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